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Sinusgraft surgery

If there's less bone volume in the rear part of the maxilla, it is possible to create bone inside the sinus. This technique is so-called sinuslift surgery. It's a very invasive method, with postoperative pain and swelling. Implants can only be placed after a period of healing (up to 6-8 months after the first surgery). And the main problem is: Invariably there's the need of a two-times surgery!


At the ImplantCenter Cologne you have the alternative:

Using our surgery protocol Gentle Implantolgy® we can avoid this painful and long-lasting process in 99% of all cases - with the advantage, that your definite reconstruction will be inserted only 14 days after the surgery.



Photo: 3D case planning of the surgery
Photo: 3D case planning of the surgery
Photo: 3D case planning of the surgery
Photo: inserting the drilling guide
Photo: marked positions
Photo: Sterilization of the implant bed
Photo: inserting the implants
Photo: inserted implants
Photo: final prosthetic restauration

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