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Gentle Implantology®

Your way to extreme acceleration of healing processes, almost without pain and swelling, with immediate implementation of fixed teeth. The normal time of waiting up to 2-3 months in the mandible and up to 4-8 month in the maxilla is obsolete.


What is Gentle Implantology®?

The surgery protocol has been invented by Dr. Dr. Rolf Briant, in cooperation with the biomolecular department (Prof. Dr. Dr. Brigitte König) of the University of Magdeburg.

It is the summary of more than 35 years of implantologic experience - with the aim of minimizing the consequences of surgical procedures.

With the surgery protocol Gentle Implantology® the time to healing is shortened significantly. Surgical stress will be eliminated, the common well-being as well as stress resistance is intensively increased. Diseases of stress like burn-out syndrom are eliminated.

Gentle Implantology® doesn't only stand for the surgery itself, but puts the patient in total in the center.

The two main components of Gently Implantology®:

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