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Physical-mechanical components

These are all methods that minimize the physical consequences of a surgery: pain, swelling and common diseases of the well-being following a surgery in particular.

Gentle physical-mechanical components are:

  • Piezo-/ Ultrasonic-surgery
  • Highfrequency-low-temperature radio-/microsurgery
  • Laser surgery
  • Balloon-lift-technique
  • Ozone treatment
  • Bone regeneration with synthetic materials
  • Virtual 3D-planning and surgery simulation prior to surgery
  • Exact tranfer of planning data to SurgiGuide┬« (surgical template), resulting in no need for incisions
  • Flapless technique - the mucosa won't be removed from the bone. (prevents pain and swelling)
  • Immediate implementaion of fixed provisional directly after surgery - the final restoration will be implemented 1-2 weeks later.


Gentle Implantology® - Your gentle, fast and safe way to fixed teeth.

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