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On demand, we reconstruct every kind of tooth loss - complete, partially or singular - with implantologic techniques.

  • Use of international high reputed implant systems (titanium with a special surface)
  • Metall free implants (Ceramics with a special surface)
  • Highest level of security by three-dimensional planning base on CT/CBCT-data
  • Metall free ceramic prosthetics
  • High-class bio-alloys
  • Telescopic / ball coupling restraints, made of bio materials or ceramics
  • CAD/CAM-milled crowns and bridges
  • Ceramic mucosal anchors

In some cases there isn't enough natural bone tissue for an implant. For providing you the comfort of fixed teeth anyway, we use the latest synthetic materials and technologies for bone regeneration and rebuilding of bone.

  • General anaesthesia / Half-sleep by our specialised anaesthesiologists on demand


Sanfte Implantologie ® / Gentle Implantology ®

  • The gentle way to fixed teeth
  • High-precision Piezo-technique
  • High-End Laser-technologies
  • Operative stress management - Avoidance of pre- and postoperative stress
  • Ozone therapy
  • Air-O2-Therapy
  • Biomolecular therapy - in cooperation with the University of Magdeburg
  • Minimizing the postoperative disorders
  • Extreme shortening of healing processes

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