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Computernavigation in 3D

Michael Bauer MSc., performing a 3D case planning
Example of a 3D case planning

If you decide yourself for an implant based reconstruction, you have to be sure to achieve the optimal result. For this reason we perform a so-called backward planning: The complete surgical procedure of implant planning including the prosthetic reconstruction will be planned virtually with the computer.

This has the invaluable advantage, that you can on the one hand understand and follow the complete surgical proceeding, because displayed three-dimensional, on the other hand all implant positions are exactly known before the surgery. That means no incision into the mucosa, no sutures and therefore no swelling. With a surgical template (SurgiGuide) the correct implant positions will be transferred into the mouth. That is why there is only a tiny opening (diameter 1mm). The surgical guide has been buildt according to the CT/CBCT-parameter, so that the preparation of the implant position in the bone can only take place, where it was planned with the computer. With a special implant planning software (SimPlant®) we can achieve the necessary precision.

This software converts Dental-CT or CBCT-images of the jaw to a virtual 3D-image. Searching for the optimal positions for the implants we can move virtually through the bone. Extensive information about the availabe bone tissue and its quality allow us to determine the optimal position of the implants and to guarantee the optimal minimally invasive implant placement based on the virtual planning.

Pictures of the exact positions of delicate anatomical structures like important nerves in the lower jaw or the sinuses in the upper jaw allow a trouble-free and safe implant placement.

Based on this and following the protocol "Gently Implantology®" we can guarantee a complete pain-free and non-swelling surgery.

What are SurgiGuides®?

Example of a drilling guide

A SurgiGuide® is a drilling guide, which will be designed individually for you and will be produced in a special stereolithographic process. The SurgiGuide® will be produced to fit perfectly to the bone, mucosa or the remaining teeth. It guides the instrument, which prepares the implant site in the bone, exactly and in the right angle to the position determined before. According to the construction it's not possible to penetrate the bone deeper than planned.

The use of SurgiGuides® reduces the duration of the surgery to a minimum.

For the technophiles...

We'd like to provide you with your 3D-planning with a special software for your computer at home - for free!

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