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Immediate loading

Immediate loading is the perfected art of implantology. Basically it describes the immediate incorporation of the definite recontruction after the implant placement - during the time of production of this definite solution, a fixed, fully functional and high aesthetical provisional will be worn. It'll be inserted the day of the surgery, or the next day the latest.

For using this method, there's a need of experience in years (better: decades) of the whole team. Above that special knowledge of the physiology of bone regeneration, jaw joint function and system of design of the chewing surfaces are necessarily required.

Besides that special criteria in planning (CT/CBCT) and in surgical implementation (Piezo / Laser surgery, surgical templates, biomolecular acceleration of bone regeneration) a long-term experience has to be daily standard of the team.

Even the implants on their parts have to fulfill certain requirements regarding material and surface, thread pitch and lead.

It is the complete knowledge of all these details, that enables us to apply immediate loading without any risk and fulfill patient's wishes for pain-free and non-swelling, rapid (without job-related stoppage) treatment, with an optimal functional and aesthetical outcome. 

Our Team at the ImplantCenter Cologne has all these capabilities and the experienced specialists with more than 25 years of experience in this kind of surgery protocol.

We are happy to advise you and we keep extensive information material ready for you!


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