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What is an implant?

An implant is an artificial dental root in the shape of a tiny screw made of titanium or ceramics with a special surface. It'll be placed in the bone and integrated by the bone to a stable compound.

Like your natural tooth root an implant is a stable basis for your new teeth.


Are implants suitable for me?

The placing of implants is not age-related.

Irrespectice of the bone situation our surgery protocoll enables the provision of fixed prosthetics within 14 days - in the upper as well as in the lower jaw.

In some cases the bone volume has to be increased additionally.

After in-depth diagnostics and 3-dimensional x-rays we will inform you individually and extensive.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

With increasing life expectancy reliable and permanent artificial dentition get's more and more important. Beautyful teeth generate sympathy and quality of life. They represent vitality and self confidence. Implants have a stable fit and provide you with the safety of your natural teeth.

  • The medical advantages of this treatment are covered 100% by scientific examination.
  • No healthy teeth have to be trimmed
  • Bone tissue will be preserved
  • Fixed bridges on implants are possible
  • Chewing and pronounciation aren't affected
  • Aesthetics and mimics remain unaffected
  • Implants are a life-long investment

Is it a painful treatment?

At the ImplantCenter Cologne the implant placement will be performed by a very gentle method with local anaesthesia - painfree.

On demand this treatment can be performed in general anaesthesia or half-sleep.


How long takes the implant treatment?

The duration depends on the number of implants and the anatomical situation. With our special protocol we can reduce the required time to an absolute minimum.

In common the definite prosthetic solution is completed after two to three weeks after implant placement. During this period - immediately after implant placement - we provide you with a fixed provisional.

Am I toothless at any time?

No. In either case you leave the ImplantCenter Cologne after the treatment with a fixed provisional.

You never leave us without teeth!

Already after two to three weeks we provide you with the definite prosthetic solution.

Are the implant-teeth as good as natural teeth?

Only healthy, natural teeth aren't outperformable. With our implantologic possibilties we can achieve this ideal to almost 100%. In some areas we can outperform nature:

Implant-teeth are not sensible to temperature and they can't get caries!

Implants replace natural teeth in aesthetics, feeling and function in such a perfect manner, that patients forget completely having implants.


Do implants have a life-long durability?

After successful treatment you can achieve by regular visits to your dentist and by a good mouth hygiene, that your implants have a life-long duration.

Scientific long-term studies prove, that only less then 2% off all patients which got implants, got problems afterwards.
This quota is much higher at normal dentures without implants.

That is why we grant you a 5-year-guarantee for your new implant-based prosthetics.

Do I have to take care of my implants?

Yes. With continuous care you preserve the long-term success of your implants.

We will show you certain procedures, to help you achieving this. At least twice a year you'll have to carry out a professional tooth cleaning including a detailed check-up.

Healthy tissue around the implant preserves the long-term success!

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