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Partially edentulous reconstruction

If multiple teeth are missing, there are several possibilities:

  • Conventional removable partial denture
  • fixed bridge on neighboring teeth
  • fixed bridge on implants

We like to explain you the advantages and disadvantages:

Removable partial denture: Several neighboring teeth are used as anchorage. The partial denture will be fixed with brackets on healthy teeth - unavoidable moments of the denture damage them little by little. For saving the anchorage teeth, these have to be trimmed and supplied with a crown as well. Again, this results in loss of tooth tissue.
Even in aesthetic means this type of prostetics is unsatisfying. Above mucosal level the brackets are visible.

Fixed bridge on remaining teeth: The bigger the tooth gap, the more neighboring teeth have to be trimmed. Healthy tooth tissue gets lost irreversibly. Very often fixed bridges on remaining teeth lead to a very dangerous overloading of these teeth.

Fixed bridge on implants: Based on the initial situation multiple implants will be placed. Immediately after the surgery we will provide you with a fixed provisional, which will bridge the gap until the definite recontruction will be ready (approx. 2-3 weeks). The natural function and aestetics can be reestablished without trimming of neighboring teeth. Healthy tooth tissue can be preserved.

Case 1

Photo: 3D-planning prior to surgery
Photo: inserted implants
Photo: intermediate step before inserting prosthetics
Photo: final prosthetic restauration

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