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Single Tooth Implants

Photo of a partial denture

Single teeth can be replaced the conventional way with a removable partial denture. This is very uncomfortable, as you have to remove and clean it after every meal, no matter if you are at home, in a restaurant or with friends.


A single tooth is missing

Another possibility is a fixed bridge, which has the disadvantage, that normally two healthy teeth have to be dissected. This is irreversible and combined with an extreme trauma for these teeth.


The optimal solution is an implant. It combines the advantages of a fixed bridge with brilliant aesthetics. For this solution a single implant will be placed in the existing gap. Dissecting of neighboring teeth isn't necessary and healthy tooth tissue can be preserved!


Case 1

Photo: inserted implant
Photo: completed prosthetic restauration

Case 2


Case 3

Photo: inserted implant
Photo: completed prosthetic restauration

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